About Me

Hey there. I'm Tomáš Sušánka, sometimes nicknamed Suši [sushi].

I'm interested in computer security and cryptography, mostly trying to understand the world of applied cryptography – cryptographic protocols, instant messengers and cryptocurrencies.

I'm currently working at SatoshiLabs on Trezor and other cryptography-related projects.

In summer 2017, I joined Cloudflare's crypto team. I was working on TLS and other smaller projects. As part of my TLS work I've implemented a new TLS extension Delegated Credentials in Go, which is open-sourced on GitHub.

The same summer I also spoke at DEF CON about Telegram.

I'm writing a blog from time to time, mostly about security and cryptography. Go and have a look on blog.susanka.eu.

Previously, I worked at manGoweb (formerly known as Clevis), doing back-end programming, usually based on Nette with all the other funky stuff. Besides that I studied at FIT CTU, where I've received master's degree in Computer Security & Cryptography. I studied in Bochum, Germany and Denmark for a semester each as well.

You may find me on twitter, github, stackoverflow, linkedin or facebook.


Czech Republic