About Me

Hey there. I'm Tomáš Sušánka, friends usually call me Suši [sushi].

I'm interested in computer security and cryptography, mostly trying to understand the world of applied cryptography – cryptographic protocols, instant messengers and cryptocurrencies. Recently I started to work more on the "management" side of things.

In particular, I'm the CTO of Trezor which is part of the SatoshiLabs family. We are bulding the best cryptocurrency hardware wallet and a whole ecosystem around it.

Before that, I used to intern at Cloudflare's crypto team, spoke at DEF CON about Telegram, worked at manGoweb, received master's degree at FIT CTU and also studied in Germany and Denmark.

I'm writing a blog from time to time, mostly about security and cryptography. Go and have a look on blog.susanka.eu.

You may find me on twitter, github, stackoverflow, linkedin or facebook.


Czech Republic