About Me

Hey there. I'm Tomáš Sušánka, nicknamed Suši [sushi].

I work at manGoweb (previously called Clevis), doing back-end programming, usually based on Nette with all the other funky stuff. I've worked on a number of web applications and APIs, among those publicly available are Respekt.cz, Rekola, Ticketon, BuyTheWay or CheckVenues. Outside manGoweb I work partially on Mozkovna, Q&A mobile game.

Currently I would like to move into the world of infosec to gain practical experience in this field. I'm joining Cloudflare's crypto team for a summer internship in 2017.

I'm trying to write a blog time to time, mostly regarding security and cryptography. You may have look on blog.susanka.eu.

I study at FIT CTU, where I've received bachelor's degree and I'm studying master at the moment, Computer Security in particular. I studied in Bochum, Germany and Denmark for a semester each as well.

Besides web I'm hugely interested in cyber security and cryptography in general. I still wrote my Bachelor's thesis on vagrant and Chef though. I've finished my Master's thesis in early 2017. The thesis delt with the security of the Telegram IM. I've discovered an undocumented obfuscation method and I've performed a Replay attack, which Telegram accepted and fixed.

You may find me on keybase, twitter, github, stackoverflow, linkedin or facebook.